Louisville Slugger Apex soft toss system Louisville Slugger


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  • The Apex throws perfect soft-toss with real baseballs, softballs, tennis balls and training balls. This collapsible and compact soft-toss system allows you to take your training anywhere and train with or without a partner. Load the feeding arm with baseballs or softballs and set the release timer at 6/8/10 second intervals allowing you to get your swings without the need for a soft-toss partner to throw the balls. Your coach can now focus on improving your swing and not tossing the balls. The slope arm tosses the ball perfectly every time towards the batter at pitch level for more realistic, game-like training. Its telescoping arm adjusts for batters of any height from beginners all the way to the pros
  • With a simple adjustment, the APEX Soft-Toss converts to a fielding trainer, rolling grounders to the fielders who can then focus on footwork and fielding skills. Adjust to a higher setting in order to practice working high hops in a variety of fielding situations.
  • By removing the soft-toss attachment and replacing it with the included high-performance tee attachment, the batter can get their tee work in too.  It has a wide base and super-durable rolled rubber top, this tee is extremely stable.  The adjustable height tee works for all ages and heights.

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