Wilson A2000 2021 FP Monica Abbott Game Model 12.25 Wilson


Monica has an incredible list of accolades as a pitcher! She dominated everyone in college while at Tennessee and continued that success into professional and international competition. It is a no-doubter to go with her Wilson A2000!

Glove Benefits

This 12.25" A2000 from Wilson offers plenty of length for a pitcher. Also, the 2-piece closed web will keep any wiley hitters from peering into the glove and seeing what pitches might be gripped.

As well, this glove is backed with SuperSkin material from Wilson. The SuperSkin material is built from a basketball material that was designed by Wilson. When the SuperSkin is on the back of a fastpitch mitt, it offers a three-fold benefit. (1) SuperSkin is lighter in weight than regular leather. (2) The SuperSkin material is actually stronger than regular leather! (3) SuperSkin repels moisture exceptionally well. Having SuperSkin on your glove will help you attain what nearly every defender desires: a lightweight and durable glove!

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