All Star System 7 Compression arm Sleeve one size All Star


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This arm sleeve utilizes advanced seamless weaving technology to deliver areas with high compression and other areas with moderate compression. The degree of ventilation is also controlled through different compression zones. UltraCool™ is an innovative fabric technology designed to provide unparalleled comfort and protection in various environments. Engineered with advanced features, this cutting-edge technology ensures superior performance like no other.

One of the key benefits of UltraCool™ Technology is its exceptional moisture-wicking capabilities. The fabric is intelligently designed to draw moisture away from the skin, allowing you to stay cool and dry, even during intense physical activities or in hot and humid conditions.

In addition to its moisture-wicking properties, UltraCool™ Technology also offers exceptional UV resistance. The fabric is carefully engineered to provide a reliable barrier against harmful UV rays. Experience the ultimate combination of comfort, performance, and protection with UltraCool™ Technology.

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