Who are we?

The baseball warehouse is:

o Specialized store
o 17,000 square foot training center
o 6 to 12 batting cages
o Specialized Gym
o Pitcher and catcher's enclosure space
o Baseball academy
o Private lessons
o Children's party
o HitTrax simulator
o Baseball and Softball pitching machines



The Baseball Warehouse was established in 2012 by three founding members who are passionate about baseball. The original idea was to offer the possibility of training 12 months a year, to promote the sport and to provide quality facilities. Then came the idea of ​​offering customers the best and widest variety of products possible in Quebec.

Over the past few years, we have kept up with customer demand and EDB has increased its area three times. We now have over 25 passionate baseball employees who enjoy sharing their training knowledge as well as equipment needs.

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