Batting Cage - Training center

Batting cages are planned to be reopened on April 15th 

Up to 12 batting cages 
4 Baseball pitching machines
2 Softball pitching machines
4 L-Screen
1 pitcher / catcher area with 4 Mounds
HitTrax simulator
Gym area
Changing room

Book online!

Membership Card

  •  Gives free 60-minute access to the first visit
  •  The cost of the following sessions is $ 50 per 60 minutes
  •  Gives a 10% discount to the store during the validity period of the membership card
  •  Reservation up to 7 days in advance

Team special

    •  Special offered to teams wishing to practice in an optimal baseball environment. Reservation required. Special access for teams. Please contact us for details

  •  Maximum 1 hour per day. Possibility of more depending on traffic