Atec M3X softball pitching machine on caddypod ATEC


The all-new M3X training machine is the first all-in-one crossover pitching machine of its kind. Designed as a smaller, more portable version of the M3 machine, the M3X contains all the same functionality as the M3, while combining the same features of the defensive R-Series machines by ATEC.

The all-in-one M3X crossover machine is also able to be converted to a fastpitch softball machine, buy moving the motor placements to the outside settings, the M3X machine can be switched from throwing baseballs to softballs in minutes!

Offensive Pitching: Based off the ATEC M3 machine, by utilizing three wheels, top speed, accuracy, and spin are maxi- mized due to the ball's increased surface contact with the wheels. The M3X is equipped to throw 90mph giving you the ability to train against Major League level fastballs and both right and left handed breaking balls. Using only the speed control knobs, pitches can easily be dialed-in without making any physical adjustments to the machine, helping you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your batting practice.

Defensive Training: Combining the functionality of the R-Series machines also give the M3X the ability to swivel 360 degrees, and control elevation from ground balls and fly balls in a split second. This gives the user the ability to execute hundreds of ground balls, line drives, fly balls and pop-ups in a single practice, giving your players more quality repetitions than could possibly be achieved with only a fungo bat.

High Definition Ball Chute

Players have a clear and uninterrupted view of the ball throughout the entire pitch cycle

Hitters see when to stride and achieve a Live-Arm sense of timing for the most realistic repetitions


Change quickly between Major League level fastballs and breaking balls using only the speed control dials

Concave Dual-Durometer Wheels

Increases ball grip to maximize pitch accuracy of both fastballs and breaking balls
Faster acceleration than standard wheels, increasing maximum pitch speed and minimizing recovery time

Durable Steel Frame

Rugged frame and wide-base tripod absorb machine recoil ensuring maximum accuracy of every pitch

ABS Wheel Guards

Protects operator from injury and protects the wheels from taking direct hits

Real Ball Compatibility

Compatible for use with leather baseballs as well as dimpled and foam practice baseballs


  • Ball Size: Baseball 9"
  • Ball Types: Leather, Dimple + Foam
  • Speed Range: 30 - 90 MPH
  • Max Fly Ball Distance: 340ft
  • Recovery Time: 8 Seconds
  • Pitch Height: 28 Inches
  • Base Type: Caddypod
  • Footprint: 1260 IN SQ
  • Weight: 115 LBS
  • Power Supply: 110v AC
  • Generator Use: 1800w CD
  • Pitches Thrown: Fastball, Curveball, Slider, Splitter, Knuckleball
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Authentic MLB Licensed
  • Made in the USA
  • Free deliverywith the purchase of $ 150

  • Digital assistance

  • Quality products

  • Secure payment