Easton Slowpitch Loaded Glove 1300 LHT 13" Easton


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Easton’s new Slow-Pitch Loaded gloveiscrafted from tanned CHOICE™ cowhide –a finely textured, soft hide that breaks in quickly and provides substantial durability. Easton’s Double Deep™ palm design has a wider and deeper pocket that’s ideal for softball, and VRS™ shock-absorbing palm paddingtakes the sting out of fielding those hot shots all over the diamond. The Slow-Pitch Loaded 13” model features an infield/outfield pattern and anA-Beam web.

  • Tanned CHOICE™ cowhide is a finely textured and soft hide that breaks in quicky and has substantial durability
  • 40% player break-in
  • DOUBLE DEEP™ palm design is ideal for softball with a wider and deeper pocket
  • VRS™ shock absorbing palm padding


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